suggested reading list

The Plains on Fire



1.     Robinson, Charles M., Bad Hand: A Biography of General Ranald S Mackenzie, Austin,

TX, State House Press, 1973. (ISBN: 1880510022)

This is one of two biographies of Mackenzie. Both are excellent, pick one.

2.     Greene, Jerome A., Washita: The US Army and the Southern Cheyennes,1867-1869,

Norman, OK, University of Oklahoma Press, 2004. (ISBN: 0806138858)

All Jerry's work is great. This is the book with the very latest research.

3.     Lynn, Alvin R., Kit Carson and the First Battle of Adobe Walls: A Tale of Two Journeys, Lubbock, TX, Texas Tech University Press, 2014. (ISBN: 0896728617)

A great book about a little known battle. Lynn walked the entire route. His work is definitive. Excellent maps and beautiful photos.

4.     Haley, James L., The Buffalo War: The History of the Red River Indian Uprising of 1874,

Garden City, NY, Doubleday and Company, 1976. (ISBN: 1880510596)

This is the standard work on the Red River War. It is a good, if dated, study.

5.     Pierce, Michael D., The Most Promising Young Officer: A Life of Ranald S Mackenzie,

Norman, OK, University of Oklahoma Press, 1993. (ISBN: 0806124946)

This is one of two biographies of Mackenzie. Both are excellent, pick one

6.     Hoig, Stan, The Battle of Washita, Garden City NY, Doubleday and Company, 1976. (ISBN: 0385112742)

Hoig's book stood for many years as the book on the Washita. Greene's book has replaced it.

7.     Baker, T. Lindsay and Billy R Harrison, Adobe Walls: The History and Archeology of the 1874 Trading Post, College Station, TX, Texas A&M University Press, 1986. (ISBN: 1585441767)

Well done with a great deal about the archeology of this battle. The standard on this topic.

8.     Sullivan Roy F., Kit Carson at the First Battle of Adobe Walls, Bloomington. IN. Author House, 2015. (ISBN: 1504954084 )

An inexpensive quick look at the battle. I don't agree with all the conclusions, but well worth the inexpensive price. An even better price of $3.99 is available on the Kindle.

9.     Cruse, J Brett, Battles of the Red River War, College Station TX, Texas A&M University Press, 2008. (ISBN: 1623491525)

An incredible piece of work with beautiful maps and all new research. This is both well done and a joy to read.

10.  Dixon, Billy, Life and Adventures of "Billy" Dixon, of Adobe Walls, Texas Panhandle. (ISBN: 1499741960).

Billy Dixon is one of the great characters of the West. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his action at Buffalo Wallow. This is his story. Available in many forms. Get it. Available on Amazon in paperback for $6.95. Kindle price is $0.99


Remember: Check both Amazon and Abebooks. Most of these books can be found used for a fraction of their original cost. Thatís www.amazon.com and www.abebooks.com